My VCAP5-DCD Experience

After my last post about how I have prepared the VCAP5-DCA certification, now it’s turn to speak about the VMware VCAP5-DCD.

VCAP5-DCD, no need to lie, is one of the hardest certification I had to pass (if it’s not the hardest of all 🙁 ) ; by the way I passed it only in my second attempt.

In order to prepare it, I follow the same procedure as for the VCAP5-DCA :

I started with some Google searches to find the most useful information about the certification ; then I searched for experience feedback of anyone that passed it thus their resources used.

Through the resources I used, TheSaffaGeek blog is here again but on VCAP-DCD this time. I used the VirtualHyper blog too which is rather useful.

I downloaded a big study guide from the Paul Meehan blog ; this study guide covers all of the blueprint exam white papers but in a digest manner. In fact, when you have to read all of the white papers for the certification, it requires a lot of time and concentration.

I think you already know it, but the exam blueprint is very important ; with it you know what you have to learn because there is so much information to know and you can quickly get loss. On Jason Langer blog, you can download a package that contains all of the blueprint exam white papers.

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